It all started with Road Head

Tyler has always been a cool guy to me, especially through high school.I’m not a virgin by any means but I keep myself good and tight by exercising daily and I don’t exactly fuck every guy that I see either.Had a few wild experiences as mentioned in my previous 2 stories, but overall I’d say I like sex if it’s good sex.Tyler knew I wasn’t a virgin and he’d kid around from time to time about doing this or that to me and we’d just laugh and move on, but back to where I was, we were riding in his car hanging out and he started in on me and was joking about sucking his dick and whatever and just kept on and on and he was dieing laughing at the situation. “Fine,” I said, “I’ll give you something to laugh at!” I reached over and unzipped his pants and was reaching for his dick.He started swirving on the road, imagine that.I told him just to keep driving and concentrate on the road.He was a briefs guy apparently so I had to work with the flap to get him out, but by the time I did he was hard as a rock.I took my seatbelt off and got up on my knees facing him in the seat and started stroking it. “Katie, what the hell are you doing?I wasn’t serious!” he said. “Well now I am, so keep driving!” and I just giggled as I watched him. I put my head down in his crotch and took the head of his dick in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it a couple times as he let out a small grunt.Then I took my tongue and wet his dick down from the balls up before I started to bob my head on it.I took about half of it in my mouth and it wasn’t the biggest I’ve had, but it was a solid 10 incher.Me being as small as I was it wasn’t any surprise that a 10 incher would still break me about half in two. I was just shy of 5 feet tall and barely over 100 pounds.I was beginning to think it was all in my ass though.Small breasts, almost a B cup were perky but needed help.I tried to do stuff to make my butt smaller, but no chance of that.I hated that thing because it stuck out so far and it was thick and round.Guys loved it and would always try and touch it.It made it hard to wear skirts because it made them sort of hike up in the back and you could see things if I bent just slightly.Another problem I had with it was that I could buy pants that fit in the waist and legs and my ass looked like it was poured into them.Thongs suited me well though. Tyler just kept driving and I was in some cloth workout shorts and a tank top bent across his car sucking him off like it was going out of style.Once I got into it there wasn’t any stopping and he was going crazy, so I kept backing off to keep him from cuming all over the place.He finally found a good place to pull off so that I could finish and when the car when off the road, it caused me to take his dick in my throat and he blew most of it down my throat and then the rest dribbled down my chin and I caught it with my hand and swallowed it too. He just closed his eyes and held his dick as we sat there for a minute until he decided we needed to go somewhere a little more private.He took me up this road in town towards one of the hotels that was right off the interstate and I thought he was going to get a room, but he kept driving a little ways past the pool and on up the hill and we passed a sign that said dead end.We got up to the top and he turned the car around and parked back into the trees a little ways so that the car couldn’t be seen except for directly ahead. I was horny as can be, just getting wetter and wetter.Tyler slid his seat all the way back and just sat there for a minute and was relaxing and he slid his pants down to his ankles and sat there playing with his cock in front of me, which got me even more hot.He just kept his eyes closed as I pulled my shirt off and threw it in the floorboard and climbed on top of him.He opened his eyes and before he could say whatever he was going to say I planted one right on his lips and slid my crotch, still covered by the cotton shorts, down against his cock. He reached up under my shorts and grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed.After the initial shock of that being done to me I slid the shorts and my blue bikini underwear out of the way and positioned myself right above his cock.Being a fairly strong guy, he could control me well and proved that as he held my ass cheeks and slid me forward and backward to get the head of his dick wet. “Katie are you sure you want to…” was all he got out and I just dropped on his dick and let it fill me up completely. Pain shot through me at first from the initial size of him but then I just raised back up and slammed back down to his balls again and again.As I kept fucking him from the top he started to help me by picking me up and pulling me back down.He kissed down my chest and playfully teased my nipples with his tongue lightly.With both of us working together we picked up lots of speed and I had an intense orgasm that was rocking my whole body.I just arched my back and thrust down onto his cock and let out moan after moan as my whole body was in ecstasy. I knew I was doing my job well because he certainly did tell me so.He was fighting an orgasm and was trying to wait to have it but the way we were fucking there was no more waiting.I worked my hips around as he started spurting his seed in me and I got the warm feeling inside me that triggered another orgasm.My shorts and underwear were going to be soaked so I got off of him now that he had blown me full of semen and stepped out beside the car. My orgasm made me cum after he ejaculated in me and that just made me gush from my hole and my shorts and underwear were creamed and soaked.I didn’t have any other clothes so I had to use a pair of his gym shorts from his bag and go commando.I balled up my wet stuff and put my tank top back on.When we got back to my house I got out and stiffly walked into the garage and into my room and changed into some sweats.I took him his shorts back which were a little damp and handed him my wet stuff and told him to keep it as a souvenier. Every now and then I still hang out with Tyler and I’ve given him some more head while driving but we haven’t quite got to fuck again…unfortunately.I’m sure we will though, I don’t think he or I will have any problem with that.>>’s+delight+solitaire+games&url=>>

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